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Case Study:


NGO that provides shelter, legal and psychological support and integration to its refugees, specialized in the care of women, children and refugees from the LGTBQ + community.

The starting point in the consultancy was to understand Rescate's key problem, which was found to be a monetary deficit.

The 180 DC consulting team was tasked with providing a fundraising solution. Including a  thorough analysis of the problem and the evaluation of multiple viable options.

To improve the financial sustainability of Rescate, the team had to take into account the need of the organization to not reduce costs and maintain current projects, therefore the team concluded that establishing a co-brand association was the most sustainable and beneficial solution for Rescate. The team provided Rescate with an action plan, including a case study, earnings estimates, possible agreements, timelines, amongst others, so that the NGO can implement the plan to the perfection.

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Case Study:


A theater company, a special employment center, a cultural project for social inclusion and a theater school. They make quality art with actors who have different abilities.

The approach taken when creating solutions for Paladio Arte was to ensure a tangible impact that could generate opportunities for the growth of the organization.

The team focused on the marketing environment and harmonized and modernized Paladio Arte's virtual presence specifically for the Instagram platform (the most active). They also decided to organize two events, during the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, in order to raise awareness and encourage innovation [socially friendly] on disability, which affects 10% of the Spanish population.

The team conducted an analysis of all the current strategies of the organization and based on this they created a marketing plan detailing the strategies that should be used. Morevor, a detailed plan of how to do the event was also delivered, including the venue, the guests, the sponsors, and the logistics, among other.

   "It was really fantastic to work with
such a committed and enthusiastic
team."          - Aldeas Infantiles SOS


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