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Consultancy Services for Nonprofits

Providing high quality strategic and operational advice



180 Degrees Consulting provides socially conscious organizations around the world with high quality, pro-bono consulting services. 180DC are able to offer this without the usual price tag because consultants are carefully selected from top universities with the right combination of expertise, creativity, and problem-solving ability. With a branch now open in Madrid, students will be able to make a true social impact while receiving work experience, professional training, networking opportunities, first-hand exposure to non-profits and social enterprises, real leadership development, and the opportunity to make a difference.

Our Objective

We meet the need of non-profits for very affordable, high-quality strategic and operational advice by utilising the untapped potential of top university talent.

"Developing a generation of future

leaders committed to making a difference."


Sahana Roy


"My goal for 180DC Madrid is to make the branch synonymous with top-notch pro-bono consulting services by not only furthering the impactful work done by our clients but also enabling our student consultants to become better leaders for tomorrow. I hope to foster this community’s drive for social impact through opportunities for self-growth, building a motivated network, and developing both conscious and critical thinking abilities."

Our Team


Ana Ocariz Sanchez

Human Resources Director

"My goal for this year is to increase our network and its diversity, reaching more universities across all Madrid helping students create positive impact in their communities."


Kathleen Kee

Marketing Director

"For the coming year my objective is to generate informative content for our consultants, clients, and other stakeholders, to be marketed throughout various online channels. By doing so, I hope to increase our brand awareness in the hopes of increasing our ability to create social impact."


Etienne Michel

Consulting Director

"As a consulting director at 180DC Madrid I will be assisting and providing trainings for team leaders of the different consulting groups under my direction to enable comprehensive, efficient and professional work and group dynamics. Through this guidance and support that I will provide to the team leaders I will be expanding on my managerial skills and gaining an understanding of social impact consulting."


Paula Carola

Consulting Director

"In a context in which there is education inflation, growing competition and inequality, people need experiences and knowledge. I believe in delivering best experiences, compromising to dedicate my attention and time."

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Anirudh Nair

Outreach Director

"As a Director of Client Outreach, I am responsible for developing strategic relationships with clients to expand 180DC services across the globe. My main objective for the year is client acquisition and the creation of new business opportunities with target NGOs and social enterprises. In the future, I plan to help large organisations solve some of their most complex strategic problems."


Yasmin Akhrarova

Outreach Director

"180 Degrees Consulting was my first step into the consulting world, and has been an amazing experience both professionally and academically- I want to continue creating opportunities for both students and NGOs to experience the challenges of the industry whilst creating social impact on a global scale."

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Rabab Altaaban

Legal Director

"Ensure the team implementation to best practices legally and encouraging new skill acquisitions for consultants."