180 Degrees Consulting Madrid

Consultancy Services for Nonprofits


Who are we?

180 Degrees Consulting provides socially conscious organizations around the world with high quality, pro-bono consulting services. 180DC are able to offer this without the usual price tag because consultants are carefully selected from top universities with the right combination of expertise, creativity, and problem-solving ability. With a branch now open in Madrid, students will be able to make a true social impact while receiving work experience, professional training, networking opportunities, first-hand exposure to non-profits and social enterprises, real leadership development, and the opportunity to make a difference.

Our Objective

We meet the need of non-profits for very affordable, high-quality strategic and operational advice by utilizing the untapped potential of top university talent.


Our Team


Josefina Pérez


"At 180DC we do our part to make the world a better place by providing high quality, pro-bono consulting services to socially conscious organizations as well as an opportunity to top students to enrich their university years by gaining meaningful work experience. My goal this year is to improve this experience for everyone involved by fostering a stronger community at the 180DC Madrid branch, and to ensure that we build a lasting legacy that will help many people in the years to come."

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Ana María Martínez

Human Resources Director

"My aim this year is to enhance our mission as an organization by building a network of committed students, willing to help each other out and most importantly, passionate about making an extraordinary  and positive impact by sharing their knowledge and ideas to our clients."


Amadea Sellmeyer

Marketing Director

"For the coming year my objective is to organize and develop informative content for our consultants, clients, and other stakeholders, that gets distributed throughout various online channels. I want to utilize our platforms as a communication tool, to amplify 180DC-Madrid’s team spirit and motivation, while generating a cohesive brand image."

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María Paula Jiménez

Events and Training Director

“Alongside my team, I want to make 180 DC Madrid Branch one of the best platforms in which students can gain knowledge and expertise while successfully improving our clients' NGOs and institutions.”


Matthieu de Beaucorps

Consulting Director

“I want to use my 4 years of studies in Management and Hispano-relations along with my previous work experience in the Spanish financial system to bring some new ideas to 180 Degrees Consulting IE. In this I hope to gain some experience in consulting, grow as an individual and business-person but also form long-lasting relationships.”

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Angela Brito

Partnership Director

“180 Degrees Consulting is a community with strong values and ambitions, composed of talented individuals. My goal is to keep growing and strengthening this community, building connections, and bringing new people together. To not only create a positive change in society but also in the lives of those who form a part of 180."


Carmen Bermejo 

Legal Director 

"Transform 180DC Madrid into a NGO, in order to continue evolving and offering our services and value from an established and strong framework."

Carla Urruticoechea

Business Development Director

"We have set ambitious goals for this year to increase our impact both locally and globally and make a positive lasting change. It’s exciting to be joining a strong and united international team who shares the same motivation and mission; I trust together we can deliver unprecedented results."

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